Congratulations! Mozaltov! Destination weddings are a wonderful way to celebrate your nuptials – in the most memorable ways. Destination weddings can be quaint and romantic or lavish and grand. At BTG we reduce the stress of coordinating travel and accommodations by thinking of the important big things like ensuring departing flights get guests there early as well as the important little things (immunizations, electrical outlet adapters, etc.). We have on-site planners to ensure that couples should be able to focus on their day, while guests can enjoy both the wedding and a vacation.


Don't let another summer, spring or holiday break go by without making memories with the family! Let us take care of planning and organizing an event that will allow everyone to relax, experience new adventures, and participate in an action-packed itinerary! Family vacations are only limited by your imagination . . . they can be a well-planned cross country road trip, all-inclusive cruise, trip to a theme park, or an international visit to a new place. Let us handle the details, you enjoy the family face time!


Traveling with a group adds shared experiences that last a lifetime. Whether you are planning a bachelor(ette) weekend, birthday event, church trip, reunion, or just want to have fun; we are here to ensure that things are affordable, simple and memorable. We also realize that everyone may be traveling from different locations - no problem! Allow BTG to plan the the time of your lives!


BTG will keep you in the loop on the best deals, hottest destinations, and special guidelines for visiting certain places. We are always searching for the newest information, click Inspiration in the menu to see our real-time offers.


BTG offers both fantastic rates and world class customer service. Our "Book A Quick Trip" feature is an option available for customers looking to book a "Quick Trip" themselves using our competitive rates. This may be just a flight, hotel and/or car rental. Quick Trips don't need an agent as long as you are purchasing travel components (flight, hotel, rental car) for one or two people. We do, however, match Pricelines rates via Paycation/xTream! This is a great option if you have the following:
  • a specific destination in mind,
  • a credit card ready to handle the transaction today, and
  • a desire to try things on your own without the support of an agent